Dani's Sister Was Murdered: A Brief Essay on Midsommar

I was originally planning a piece on my personal and emotional response to Ari Aster’s beautiful film Midsommar, exploring why I did not initially like the film, how my identification with certain characters skewed my viewing of the film to be different from many of the reviews I’ve read, and how you can be an asshole and still not deserve to be raped by a swarm of naked murder cultists. I will still probably write that piece. But, I honestly don’t think I’m fully finished processing the very specific affect that this film had on me yet so, instead, I’m going to spend the next few hours of my life attempting to prove to no one in particular, and for no discernable reason, that Dani’s sister, Terri, did not, in fact, kill herself and her parents, but Pelle did.

I Need a Hero: Captain Marvel and What Should Be Undeniable Queerness

Over the course of this treatise I will be outlining and discussing every detail I am able to remember from the film that I consider evidence of a relationship between Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau, research I’ve done that reinforces this evidence, why it isn’t explicitly addressed in this film, why it matters, and why I genuinely like this film more because of how they handled it.